NP_polyglot is a plug-in for NucleusCMS (a weblog CMS). It provides the hability to write multi-lingual articles (then, the user can choose in which language he wants to read the article).
This plug-in will be delivered under the GPL.


2007.04.18 - Project discontinued

I am sad to report that I will no longer work on this project, for a few reasons: lack of time, I'm moving to Wordpress, lack of motivation. So if any one is interested to continue the project, I would be glad to give him/her the project ownership and all information I have.

2006.09.01 - Working again on it

So the winter truce was longer than expected. But I'm planning to have some updates in the coming one to two month on this project. Check back later...

2006.01.04 - Winter truce

I haven't been able to work much on this project during the Christmas period. It has been quite busy. Now ski trips start to be plan, so the next two months are also going to be heavy. Thus, delaying a bit more the project. However, I hope still to find time dedicated to it.
I hope to release the documentation in the second half of January. Probably, a first pre-alpha might be release end of February. We'll see.

2005.11.23 - Project Early Stage

This project is in its earliest stage. For the moment there is not really something to see, check back later (in a couple of weeks).
I need first to set-up the documentation and clear my ideas on the first design of the plug-in. Then, I will start coding and hopefully in a few months I will have a first alpha release of the plug-in. Logo

Jean-Christophe Berthon
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